class RenderableMesh;
Class containing mesh IDs and length for OpenGL drawing.

uint bufferID;
OpenGL id of the vao buffer.

uint* vbos;
OpenGL array of the vbo buffers.

uint indexLength;
Length of the index buffer.

this(uint bufferID, uint* vbos, uint indexLength);
Constructor for creating a new RenderableMesh with existing data.

class Mesh: d2d.core.idisposable.IDisposable, d2d.core.iverifiable.IVerifiable;
Class for raw geometry.

@property vec3[] vertices();
Array of the vertices.

@property uint[] indices();
Array of the indices.

@property vec2[] texCoords();
Array of the texture coordinates.

@property bool valid();
Checks if this Mesh can be drawn.

void addVertex(vec3 vertex);
Adds one vertex.

void addVertices(const vec3[] vertices);
Adds many vertices.

void addIndex(uint index);
Adds one index.

void addIndices(const uint[] indices);
Adds many indices.

void addTexCoord(vec2 texCoord);
Adds one texture coordinate.

void addTexCoords(const vec2[] texCoords);
Adds many texture coordinates.

void dispose();
Deletes the mesh from memory and cleans up.

void create();
Generates the RenderableMesh from the previously defined vertices and makes

RenderableMesh renderable;
Renderable mesh when create got called. Before its

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