interface IRenderTarget;
Interface for containers being able to draw elements.

abstract void bind();
Set active container.

abstract void resize(int width, int height);
Resize the container texture to the new width and height.

abstract void create(int width, int height);
Create a container texture in the given resolution.

final void clear(float r, float g, float b);
Clears the container texture by calling
glClearColor(r, g, b, 1)

final void draw(IDrawable drawable, ShaderProgram shader = null);
Draws drawable using optional shader onto this. This will call
drawable.draw(this, shader);

If shader is
is gonna be used.

final void draw(Mesh mesh, ShaderProgram shader = null);
Draws raw geometry to the container texture using an optional shader.

If shader is null, ShaderProgram.default is gonna be used.

abstract @property Texture texture();
Returns the result of the container texture.

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